Older apps, maybe ill update these one day…

Little Security Suite:150x150bb

A little security suite for people on the go.
Export PDFs to an email address, over wifi, or get them from iTunes.
Also included is a Password Generator – User defined constraints for Length, Upper and Lower case, numbers and special characters.
Password Manger – keep passwords off line but backed if you would like to.
One Time Password (TOTP and HOTP) – scan with your camera or enter manually.

Shake your phone if something is wrong to send us an email.


RUU?: 75x9999bb

GPS based password manager. The location in which you save the username and password information is also the only location in which you can view that login information.

In an attempt to over come physical access, which means total compromise of all your passwords, RUU applies a location that allows passwords to be viewed. If you are at the wrong location a pseudo random email and password is shown in attempt to fool attackers and increasing attack time.

A good example of where to use this is for bank account set up at your local bank. If your phone is taken, an attacker will only be able to view your account number at the bank you set it up. Assuming they have cameras at the bank, this helps you.

Another example would be your home computer/security alarm. If you are at work you have no real reason to be shown your home computer login or your security codes; and the same goes for when you are at home or any location besides work why would you need your work logins? Are you really you?

Version 1.0.0 is fully working but more of a proof of concept and though it attempts to defeat rubber hose cryptanalysis it should not be considered for live threats until it’s audited by a third party. RUU works best if you have WiFi on and GPS calibrated before saving your first password.


Kayleen’s Castle Crush: 75x9999bb-1

“A super cool game that I help make, it’s the best” – Kayleen (7)

An addictive puzzle game that can be played 24/7

Per Kayleen –
“The game should have no ads”
“It should be free”
“Can you make it so anyone can play”