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Waddle Walk: A Penguin Love Story

Coming soon to both iOS and Android.  

Raven Send

Here is my newest app to send a raven in a text message, i’ve also included a sticker pack this is only for iOS.  

Pipes Demo

Here is a little demo i’m finishing up for a class i’m finishing.    

Girl Intro

Here is a little bit of the intro i’ve been working on.

Square Wave Android App

The App is out check it @ Android version More to come when iOS is out.

Two for one…

So today we were able to push out a new app and an update to another. And it seems like they are liking and using them. It always makes me feel good that someone enjoys something I help build. Still have 4-5 to work on not counting my own projects, busy busy ⚙️🔧🔩

Older apps, maybe ill update these one day…

Little Security Suite: A little security suite for people on the go. Export PDFs to an email address, over wifi, or get them from iTunes. Also included is a Password Generator – User defined constraints for Length, Upper and Lower case, numbers and special characters. Password Manger – keep passwords off line but backed if…