Waddle Walk: A Penguin Love Story

Coming soon to both iOS and Android.  

New Game

Now that Raven Send is out it’s time to start working on the next game (While still working on pigeon hole) but this is going to be a smaller game. I want to have it done by the end of October for the wife’s birthday! All I have to go on is it needs to…

Raven Send

Here is my newest app to send a raven in a text message, i’ve also included a sticker pack this is only for iOS.  


So it’s been busy but I shall post more. The question is to twitch or not to twitch… I think I may try doing live programming for an hour or so, maybe talk tech a bit… but probably post a video about what I’m working on (Pigeon holed) and do some live working ons.

Pipes Demo

Here is a little demo i’m finishing up for a class i’m finishing.   http://allegedly.me/demo/    

Girl Intro

Here is a little bit of the intro i’ve been working on.

iPad woes…

I always have a blast setting up iPads that do not want to fully cooperate.

Non Tech wood working

So I have been working with wood and here is my latest creation! 

Square Wave Android App

The App is out check it @ Android version More to come when iOS is out.

Two for one…

So today we were able to push out a new app and an update to another. And it seems like they are liking and using them. It always makes me feel good that someone enjoys something I help build. Still have 4-5 to work on not counting my own projects, busy busy ⚙️🔧🔩